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Introducing next generation gift cards and currency.


Currency with Rules

You create conditions and rules on your currency. Instead of a gift card, which is simply closed to your store(s), make it smarter and personalized.

  • Avoid the regulations of gift cards
  • Flexible and Personalized
  • Complements your loyalty and offer programs

Timed/Event Based Currency

If you reward someone with a gift card, its time to evolve. Imagine this: "Spend $100 today and get $20 good from Jan 1-15"

  • Time your reward currency by date, time window
  • Recycle your gifting currency in hours, not years
  • Remove gift card liability from your balance sheet

Gifting at Any Level

Gift cards are limited at a merchant level. Leverage currency with rules to enable gifting, or restricted currency at any level:

  • Network (if you're a network or ecosystem)
  • Merchant level (equivalent to a standard gift card)
  • Category (restrict to one or more categories)
  • Product Family (set of UPC/SKUs)
  • Product (unique SKU)