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Offer and incentives in real-time, within the transaction. is involved in the transaction in real time. Participating in the transaction as tender changes the game for Card Linked Offers, personalized merchant level offers, and opens up the world for personalized - sku level offers.


Card Linked Offers

We enable card linked offers in real time - in the transaction. Not as a statement credit on the next billing cycle. This sets the stage for the next two necessary elements of offers; personalization and sku level offers.

  • Real time CLO in the transaction
  • Unwind the transaction in event of a returns
  • Enable personalization past simple ID/segmentation

Personalized. Rules Based.

The word personalized gets thrown around a lot these days. What do we mean by personalized, rules based offers? It means you control all of the "W's": Who, where, when, how much, how many, how often - to the individual.

  • Control personalized targeting and thresholding
  • Total context for targeting, re-targeting, optimization
  • Unwind any transaction and eliminate fraud

Sku Level

Move past merchant level offers, and access the hundreds of bilions of marketing and promotional dollars at the manufacturing level. Brands want ROI and personalization. We deliver the holy grail in sku level offers.

  • Bring CPG dollars INTO the transaction
  • Manage all targeting to individual
  • Unwind any transaction and eliminate fraud
  • Deliver the holy grail of marketing ROI for brands in your ecosystem.