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We help loyalty providers deliver next generation loyalty.


The truth is the loyalty industry has been utilizing legacy platforms far too long. If you are a loyalty company looking to evolve your base platform, we have the fastest rules based engine in the market.'s platform was designed to manage complex coalition loyalty ecosystems at switch speed.


Coalition Loyalty at Switch Speed

Our platform acts as a real time, events based currency exchange platform. We conduct transactions with rules in .01 milliseconds (that's not a typo).  We are the "behind the scenes" engine you've been looking for. 

  • Transactions in .01 milliseconds
  • Merchant on-boarding without POS integration
  • You set all of the rules for your program/ecosystem

Real-time Currency Exchange is currency with rules. In the context of coalition loyalty, this means your participants control the exchange rate value of their branded currency or points. We manage it in real time, at switch speed.

  • Rules engine, you configure for your ecosystem
  • You or your coalition participants set exchange rates
  • Any currency can be used; soverign, points, crypto.